“We are exploring a new way of trade that skips all middlemen to create beautiful design goods at fair prices for everyone at sustainable and people friendly production practices. Our mission is to offer our customers the opportunity to shop consciously.”

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Radical transparent.

We know our partners.

We spent months finding the best partners all over the world. We visit our partners personally to build strong relations and because we believe that personal visits are the best guaranty for a fair production and the highest possible quality. By sharing the profit and giving our partners support we constantly work towards improving their situation.

Transparent costs.

We strongly believe that customers owns the right to know what their products cost to make. That is why we reveal all our true costs and show our markup. We try to keep prices low by skipping middlemen to ensure a fair price for everyone and to keep production personal and transparent.

Ask why.

We are constantly trying to improve our production practices and questioning every single detail that we could do better. Thats why we aim to make our production even more sustainable and people friendly. We look forward to answer your questions and would be happy to hear your suggestions.

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Made with love.

Our goal is full transparency. See what it takes to produce our alpaca blankets and find out about the origin of our materials.

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