Image showing a hand showing us some uncolored wool
Image showing a woman piling wool

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Our philosophy.

“We are exploring a new way of trade that skips all middlemen to create beautiful design goods at fair prices for everyone at sustainable and people friendly production practices. Our mission is to offer our customers the opportunity to shop consciously.”

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Our story.

In 2011, the 26 year old Frauke Maier, went the first time to Bolivia, a country where up to 15% of the population is working with the production of luxury fibers whilst struggling to cope in poverty. The experiences of that trip, her passion for great design and the frustration with the lack of innovation and transparency in the textile industry, led Frauke to conceive the idea of Woolhunter. She decided to develop one of the first companies in the world, to share the full cost breakdown of its products and change the approach in which business is conducted.